It could be yours in LEGO: The Room 4: Old Sins – Dollhouse

Front of The Room Old Sins Dollhouse.

He started with The Safe from The Room, the iconic video game series. Now, he’s back with another LEGO IDEAS project.

This time, Roger Schembri is bringing to life the Dollhouse from Old Sins, the fourth installment from The Room.

With enough support, it can become an actual, tangible reality, outside of the videogame. And it’s free to support!

We spoke with Roger about his first LEGO IDEAS project in October. That project now has more than 2,800 supporters. If a project reaches 10,000 supporters then the LEGO group will consider it to be made into an official LEGO set.

In that interview, Roger tells us all about his relationship with The Room (he’s one of the original game developers) and LEGO IDEAS. You’ll be able to feel his passion for these projects.

As fans of the The Room and of Legos, we’re pretty excited about both these projects. We’d love to create the enchanted dollhouse within which Old Sins takes place.

Bring it to Life

It’s easy. Just click the button above to go to the LEGO IDEAS project page, and support the project. It’s free to support. And if you know other people who’d like to build this video game dollhouse, please give this one a social media boost as well.

If you enjoy The Room, we hope you’ll check out our interview with co-creator Barry Meade of Fireproof Studios on The Reality Escape Pod.

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