There Are a Few Tickets Left For Our Escape Room Tour in November ⏳

Before the pandemic, this tour was sold out, but the plans had to change (a few times), and as a result… now’s your chance to join in the fun.

One of the things we missed the most in 2020 was Escape Immerse Explore.

These escape room tours gather a group of us with a common love of these games together to appreciate some of the best in the business. Each tour is 1-3 days to play, discuss, and experience together.

Escape Immerse Explore 2021 The Hayden Farm features a creepy black, white, and grey aesthetic.

The Hayden Farm

The Hayden Farm is the setting of some of the most delightful games in our home region.

13th Hour Escape Rooms is northern New Jersey’s most consistently high-quality escape room company. They are a two-time Golden Lock Award winner (2017 & 2018).

They have a whimsical style all their own. It’s a little bit creepy, but not scary. Their games are playful.

With a background in haunts, 13th Hour Escape Rooms builds outstanding sets that utilize space so well for puzzles, surprises, and memorable scenes.

They also have a unique approach to actors… these folks roam the farm on occasion, and they’ll be around for this event, for those who are interested in this unusual twist (totally optional!).

Wharton, NJ

Located in Wharton, NJ, The Hayden Farm is rather inaccessible for a New Yorker or a casual escape room tourist.

It’s an hour by car from Manhattan and 40 minutes by car from Newark airport. Unfortunately, it’s not near public transit.

However, we’ve solved your transportation puzzle with Escape Immerse Explore: The Hayden Farm. We’re running a bus from Manhattan out to Wharton for a full day of 4 games at 13th Hour Escape Rooms.

Escape Immerse Explore

Join us Sunday, November 14, 2021 for Escape Immerse Explore: The Hayden Farm.

Read all the details and the full FAQ here.

There are just a few tickets left. One of them should be yours!

What About Montreal?

Yes, Escape Immerse Explore Montreal is finally happening this October!

It is sold out and there is a waitlist. It will be our largest tour yet, and our first international tour. We’re excited to make this event a reality.

Many of the folks joining us in Montreal will be coming to The Hayden Farm as well. So if you missed out on Montreal tickets, you can get the inside scoop from them, and start planning a future trip to our northern neighbor.

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