Enigmailed – Chocolateral Bars [Hivemind Review]

Chocolateral Bars are chocolate bars wrapped in puzzles, created by Enigmailed.

A piece of chocolate resting on its green packaging, labeled, "Mind Dark Chocolate, The Case of the Fatal Experiment."


Style of Play:

  • Light puzzle hunt
  • Play on demand

Required Equipment: Mouth, tongue, and eyes. Also, lactose tolerance.

No other equipment needed, but pen and paper helps for writing down answers.

Recommended Team Size: 1-2

Play Time: Each bar took about 15 minutes to solve. One reviewer adds, “and a little less time to eat” while another writes, “but longer to eat the chocolate.” We conclude that chocolate consumption speed varies more than solving speed.

Price: £5.50 per bar (plus shipping)

Booking: purchase and play at your leisure


Step 1 – Read mystery on the packaging.

Step 2 – Eat chocolate while solving puzzles, using context clues in packaging. Share if desired.

Step 3 – Enter answers on webpage via QR code… and order more chocolate.

Step 4 – Go to Step 1.

Packaging for two individual chocolate bars: green, labeled, "Mind Dark Chocolate, The Case of the Fatal Experiment." Yellow labeled, "Honeycomb Milk Chocolate, The Case of the Honeycomb Sting."

Cindi S’ Reaction

Chocolate AND a puzzle? Sweet!

This is for people who need a puzzle with everything, even their snacks! Every chocolate bar comes packaged in a small box with a mystery on the front and puzzles all around. The story was brief and the puzzles easy to solve, but they were a good distraction from the number of calories I was consuming. There is a QR code to jump to hints and answers (and to get more chocolate). This is one area that could be expanded on because the answer was revealed without fanfare. There are several flavors available as a one-time purchase or even a monthly subscription. I ordered Double Trouble, which came with two flavors and both were delicious. Recommended for kids and puzzlers with a sweet tooth!

Tammy McLeod’s Reaction

Chocolateral Bars are a delightful concept. I tried both the Honeycomb Sting and Fatal Experimint flavors and liked them both. The text on the front of the wrapper provides a very quick introduction, and lists the questions to be answered to solve the story. Each bar contains 4 puzzles of varying complexity, ranging from very straightforward to an average difficulty decoding a short phrase. There are vague clues inside the wrapper tabs, as well as more direct hints on the website. Even though the puzzles will not pose much challenge to those with a lot of experience, puzzlers of any level who like chocolate would likely enjoy these bars.

Brett Kuehner’s Reaction

  • + Easier puzzles that are well designed for novices and younger solvers
  • + Good variety of puzzle formats
  • + Clear goals for each puzzle and answers were self-confirming
  • + Delicious chocolate
  • ? Puzzles will be quick solves for experienced puzzlers, but you still get to eat the chocolate, so….
  • + Good progressive web-based hints
  • – Cluing on one puzzle was not clear, both because it was too small and because of red herrings
  • + Even the low-cost shipping option arrived within two weeks, and chocolate was in good condition

Cara Mandel’s Reaction

I love getting to play with my food! Chocolateral Bars provided an enjoyable snack-sized puzzle experience with a delicious treat all wrapped up in one! The puzzles are incorporated into the design on the packaging of each bar. Thankfully, the chocolate itself was not part of the puzzle experience because mine was damaged pretty significantly in shipping. Fortunately, broken chocolate is still edible chocolate and therefore no harm, no foul. The puzzles themselves are not terribly challenging but they did provide a good 10 to 15 minutes of play time each. These would make for a great gift or stocking stuffer for your puzzle-loving friends. Did I mention the chocolate was delicious?

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