We’re Speaking Virtually at the Chinese NeXT SUMMIT 2021 (Immersive Industry) – Tickets Available Now

NeXT SCENE, a global consulting firm in the immersive entertainment industry, is hosting the NeXT SUMMIT: Global Immersive Industry Summit 2021 to open dialogues across the global immersive industry.

We’re excited to be speaking virtually.

(To be clear, this is not The Immersive Experience Institute’s The NEXT Stage, the event produced by No Proscenium and Everything Immersive, taking place in Los Angeles in January. We’re speaking there too, but that announcement is forthcoming.)

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Speakers are from the United States, Britain, France, Singapore, and China. They are leaders in Secret Cinema, AREA 15, the Association of French Immersive Artists, the French Immersive Studios, Shui On Land, Jones Lang LaSalle, Modern Sky, IQIYI, Probenotes, Mirrorland TRPG, MAX DUU COUNT, and more.

Our short recorded talk is an overview of the Western escape room scene. We also cover the recent trend of online escape rooms that emerged during the pandemic.

You can see the full schedule including all the speakers at the ticket link below.


Tickets include access to the recorded talks (subtitled into English and Chinese) and an interactive event on November 20th.

The talks will be presented in Shanghai on November 10th and 11th and made available for international audiences on November 18th.

The interactive event takes place on November 20th from 10pm – Midnight in Shanghai, which means it’s accessible during the day for Americans and Europeans.

Early bird access is $15 and ends November 15th.

We look forward to watching the talks and also attending the live event and continuing to build global connections with like minded folks.

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