Room Escape Divas 141: Year in Review with Reality Escape Pod

As is our annual tradition, we wrapped up 2021 with the Room Escape Divas.

In this year’s conversation, Manda hosts David and Peih-Gee, giving these two podcast hosts a fun opportunity to be podcast guests. And they cover a lot of ground! We just might have a lot of projects these days.

Plus, if you are on the fence about Escape Immerse Explore New Mexico, David and Peih-Gee explain why these tours are so much fun.

Room Escape Divas Logo, a cartoon representation of the four hosts.


In this episode David and Peih-Gee tell you about:

And if you want to hear more from David and Peih-Gee, join our Patreon to get access to the REPOD bonus episodes. We really appreciate your support.

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