Escake & Other Celebratory Escape Room Milestone Foods

Every community has its inside knowledge, milestones, and jokes. For escape rooms, one of the best known combinations of all three is the escake.

What’s an Escake?

Created by Sera Dodd, the Western world’s most experienced escape room player, escake is a celebratory cake for playing a milestone escape. Traditionally a milestone escape game is whenever you hit a multiple of one hundred in your escape room play count.

Some are a bit more liberal about it and celebrate on on any multiple of 50. I’ve also heard of people enjoying escake when they play a renowned game. It’s cool. Live a little.

A sheet cake with the words, "Mass Escake!" lettered atop.
We celebrate all milestones on our Escape, Immerse, Explore Tours with a Mass Escake

Escake Alternatives

Over on Room Escape Artist, we’re generally dessert-positive and pro celebration.

It’s in that spirit that we have been in the lab testing alternatives to escake. Maybe you don’t like cake. Perhaps you cannot eat it… or you’re just looking for a bit of variety. Whatever your reasoning, we’ve put our best minds on the problem. Here are some alternatives for your escape room celebrations:


An assortment of cupcakes in a box with blue and black letters that spell out, "ESCUPCAKES"


We recommend “Locky Road,” “Room Raisin,” or “Hint Chocolate Chip.”

Lisa in a REA shirt holding a large ice cream cone in her hand, she has an eager look on her face.

Keto Escake

A jigsaw puzzle of a slice of cake with a candle. Handwritten on the top are the words, "Congrats 1000 Escake"


Overhead view of a chocolate chip cookie

Turkish Blacklight

C.S. Lewis oversold it.

A large volume of Turkish delight on display in a market.


Fingers holding up a pink macaroon.

Key Lime Pie

A slice of key lime pie, beautifully decorated with an hourglass shaped slice of lime.

Black & Lights

A tray covered in black & white cookies.

Rice Cryptex Treats

But get the good ones.

Rice crispy treats covered in chocolate and sprinkles on popsicle sticks.

Puzzkin Pie

A slice of pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream.


A large piece of tiramisu cake with a few pomegranate seeds atop.

RECON Boston Cream Donuts

Tickets are selling well, and our early bird sale is going to end soon. Get that $100 discount while you can.

An assortment of donuts, the Boston Cream has a RECON penrose triangle logo on it.

Did we miss any?

Comment with your favorite escape room milestone dessert.


  1. échapbeignet for games in New Orleans?

  2. Any of these treats can be had with ice cream, or à la code.

  3. Oh man! I Love these ideas! I had 50 alcohol infused cheesecake cupcakes (amaretto and some sort of strawberry booze) that I brought for my 50th game in LA at a big meet up there. Julie made me a Cryptex Rum Cake for my 100th (because she had to make it and pack it to fly to NOLA and it had to last a week before we ate it on the REA Tour to 13th Gate, not because there seems to be a theme of alcohol infused cakes for me). I love the idea of the “Rice Cryptex Treats”! I think I’m going to make some in the shape and scale of actual cryptexes and decorate the outsides to look like this! I’ve even been considering one of those hyper realistic cakes to look like a cryptex (you know like the cakes that they make to look like a telephone or tennis shoe or a typewriter). I might do that for my next milestone!

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