RECON Boston 22: Spotlight on Boxaroo

Today we shine a spotlight on one of our partners for RECON Boston 22

In-game: the wooden wall of a cabin with small shalves and hooks displaying many different trinkets.


Boxaroo is one of the premier escape room companies in the US. Located in downtown Boston, they describe themselves as an immersive adventure company that produces escape room adventures, but also puts on large events in the form of scavenger hunts, ballroom-sized escape room games, and murder mysteries.

At Boxaroo, they push themselves to try something different. Being different is risky and that risk-taking has really paid off with their standout escape game Storyteller’s Secret. Room Escape Artist described this game as “A serene adventure through the mind of a novelist. Intimate, mellow, and heartwarming. This combination is one of the least-explored territories in the escape game world. Boxaroo set off on an adventure to chart this mysterious land and struck gold.”

Storyteller’s Secret was closed for renovations in 2021, making it ineligible for that year’s TERPECA (Top Escape Room Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Awards) list, but it was a Top 20 winner in both 2019 and 2020

Boxaroo also offers customers two other terrific escape rooms. Conundrum Museum is a top-notch puzzle-driven adventure. It is a cerebrally satisfying team experience. Mystery of the Magician’s Study is not your ordinary office escape game. The magic of this game is well concealed, as magic should be. It received a Golden Lock Award from Room Escape Artist in 2016.

The Boxaroo team comes from a variety of backgrounds, from engineering, to art, to business… and they are always quick to point out, “We’re puzzle enthusiasts too!“ Their technical and engineering elegance is a sight to behold. A peek behind the scenes of their escape rooms reveals their skill, talent, and dedication to their craft.

Join us in Boston on August 21st and 22nd for RECON Boston 22, where you’ll have the chance to experience Boxaroo’s unique style, and so much more.

The Early Bird Discount is still available! Take $100 off your ticket with the code EARLYDUCKY22.

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