RECON Boston 22: Spotlight on Red Fox Escapes

Today we shine a spotlight on one of our partners for RECON Boston 22.

In-game: Wide view of the gallery, many pieces are on display, the two most prominent is a painting of the Queen of England with her eyes closed.

Red Fox Escapes

Red Fox is one of the premier escape room companies in Boston. Located in the basement of a former boxing gym, Red Fox specializes in beautiful and elegant set design that expertly utilizes the constraints of that physical space as they build out their detailed worlds.

Their mission-driven games contain clever and inventive puzzles built around unique, one-of-a-kind objects and period perfect set pieces and props. The Heist is a terrific take on the museum heist trope that includes some things you probably haven’t seen before and clever twists on things you have. The U-Boat is a feast for the eyes. A submarine game that shows off Red Fox’s talent for sets and décor and also includes some big surprises!  

Nico and Marie, co-founders of Red Fox Escapes, have professional backgrounds in science and technology. They love puzzles and adventures, and believe in the power of games to stimulate creative thinking and create strong bonds. On their second date, Nico brought unusual lock mechanisms over to Marie’s apartment and they sat for 5 hours drinking Argentinian Malbec and picking locks!

Marie Huber will also be running a workshop at RECON entitled Upping Your Game – Beyond the Basics of Game Design.

Join us in Boston on August 21st and 22nd for RECON Boston 22 where you’ll have the chance to experience Red Fox’s beautiful games, and so much more.

The Early Bird Discount is still available! Take $100 off your ticket with the code EARLYDUCKY22.

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