Best of REA: April 2022

At Room Escape Artist, we write about escape rooms 365 days a year. It’s a lot of content… so we’ve decided to help you out with a new monthly column that highlights the strongest and most interesting content that we put out each month.

This month we published reviews of many of our favorite escape rooms… before we awarded them 2022 Golden Lock Awards yesterday. So in today’s column, we’ll highlight some of the other exciting content from April.

Best of REA, April 2022 banner.


RECON Boston 22's logo, RECON penrose triangle with eye set in a compass.

There are only 9 days left to get your RECON Boston 22 ticket at the early bird rate of $100 off. This offer ends on May 10.

This ticket get you 2 full days of talks, games, and conversation. We can’t wait to see you at RECON!


Check out all the games that won 2022 Golden Lock Awards.

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