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While researching for his book The Puzzler, author A.J. Jacobs happened upon a story of escape rooms being popular among naturalists (or nudists… I’m really not clear on appropriate terminology). I hadn’t heard this before… but I have heard other recurring escape room urban legends.

I’ve long wanted to get to the bottom of these tales and see what truth exists in them.

Sculpture of Apollo fated by Cupid's arrow, embracing Daphne

So, when AJ signed my copy of The Puzzler with a challenge to get to the truth… and then reissued the challenge in our Patreon Bonus Episode, I promptly made this very short survey seeking leads and information:

Whether you’re a player or owner, please fill it out and share it around. I’m on a very sincere mission into the unknown and I’d appreciate your help.

And if you haven’t listened to AJ Jacobs on the Reality Escape Pod, check out the episode, he was an absolute delight of a guest.

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  1. I find this hard to believe beyond one small group playing “au naturale” one time in the early days before cameras. Otherwise, it would be on Facebook (with blurred faces) somewhere without identifying features of the actual location.

    Since you are doing surveys perhaps you could ask how many “record holders” will admit to setting the room record after playing the room previously or having intel on the puzzles. Other topics include; fisticuffs, proposals, injuries, property damage/theft, abnormally high repeated play, groups with the least amount of solved puzzles, blatant copycats that later claim originality, etc. After 1000 rooms and interaction with thousands of people in the industry there has to be a book with Spira’s “Believe it or Not” actual stories.

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