Best of REA: September 2022

At Room Escape Artist, we write about escape rooms 365 days a year. It’s a lot of content… so we’ve decided to help you out with a monthly column that highlights the strongest and most interesting content that we put out each month.

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Escape Rooms

Bunker: AI’s Martyrdom, REVO Escape (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) – REVO Escape is an unusual escape room company. Their goal is to create mimetic games. As such, AI Martyrdom was really fun… until it wasn’t.

Eurovision Pizza Party, Panica (Tel Aviv, Israel) – For a taste of the Israeli rooms we covered this month, here’s a theme mashup escape room that was equal parts pizza and Eurovision… and at the end we got to eat our pizza!

Witchcraft Alley, Trapped Puzzle Rooms (Minneapolis, MN) – This escape room was a magical journey into dark spells and wizarding consumerism – perfect for Harry Potter fans!


On Circus Grounds, Studio Stamp (tabletop escape game) – On Circus Grounds provided us with a wonderful evening of tabletop sleuthing with friends. The Kickstarter is no longer active, but you can preorder the game.


Season 4 of REPOD kicks off next week!


Actors as Puzzles in Escape RoomsActors can be implemented as puzzles or gates in an escape room. An actor used as a puzzle can open up a world of possibilities for players.

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