Live Today: Beyond Screens Twitch Stream Featuring Indiecade Festival Nominee Radio Ghost by ZU UK

This week on Indiecade’s Beyond Screens Twitch Stream, David and Peih-Gee will be chatting with Jorge Lopes Ramos, executive director of ZU UK about their game, Radio Ghost.

Please note the time change: Our guests are in the UK, so we’ll be on at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm BST.

blue matrix with graphic of microphone in a pink circle, bottom says "radio Ghost" in pink letters. to the left of the image is a brown haired man with glasses and goatee, and underneath is a photo of an asian woman in a safari hat, smiling, with a pink flower in her hair.

Radio Ghost is an audio-driven walking game for 3 players in a shopping mall.

In Radio Ghost, you are a ghost-hunter, broadcasting your journey as you reach through portals into the far-away dimensions of a haunted Mall.

Join us as we chat about this location-based, interactive audio game.

app on a phone with image that says "fragrances" and text directing you to find a shop with fragrances and to click a button after you've found it.


  • Date: Wednesday, October 12
  • Time: 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern
  • Game: Ghost Radio by ZU UK

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Beyond Screens is IndieCade’s Twitch show exploring work that pushes the boundaries of, or comes entirely off of, the screen. Genres covered will include participatory theatre, alternate reality and live-action roleplaying; escape rooms; Big Games; and alternative controllers.

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