Thoughts on the Escape Room Sports Movement via Escape Buzz

At Escape Buzz, they are musing on the question of escape rooms as sports in advance of the World Escape Room Championship (ER Champ), taking place virtually on November 5, 2022.

Jakub Witosławski recently interviewed REPOD co-hosts David and Peih-Gee on this topic. These two are pretty competitive (and I saw this come out during The Trust Experiment, let me tell you!) but their thoughts on competitive escape rooming are more nuanced.

Reality Escape Pod mission patch logo depicts a spaceship puncturing through the walls of reality.


David says, “If we’re playing for performance, everything is about maximizing time gains. The fun is in the speed…” and shares his technique for playing for speed.

They also each share some thoughts on why escape rooms aren’t mainstream… is it about escape rooms or is it about the nature of our culture today?

You can read the full interview at Escape Buzz.


  1. I am impressed with David and Peih-Gee’s analyses and articulation. No wonder REA is so well regarded for knowing what is and what will be in the world of escape rooms. In my opinion, the industry is in good hands as long as there is traction with REA’s insight and vision.

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