Sharing Tools & Preaching Escape Rooms on Cool Tools Show and Tell

Sometimes I get the opportunity to do things that would blow the mind of a younger version of myself. A few weeks ago I recorded an episode of Cool Tools Show and Tell with Kevin Kelly. Kevin was the founding executive editor of Wired Magazine. I’ve long admired his work, and have listened to Cool Tools for many years… because I really like optimizing my life.

David showing Kevin Kelly a pair of brass wax sealing stamps with the REA & RECON logos.

This was a pretty long episode of Cool Tools Show and Tell because Kevin is an escape room fan and we had a fantastic conversation about them. We covered a lot of ground.

I hope you enjoy. This one really was a treat for me.

This episode happened because my friend and REPOD guest AJ Jacobs was on Cool Tools and I asked if he would be willing to make an introduction. Thanks AJ, this truly brought joy to my life.

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