Only 3 Tickets Left to Montreal & Only 1 Week Left to Claim Them

This May we are hosting our second Escape Immerse Explore tour to Montreal. It’s our biggest tour yet, with 2 sessions.

Session 1 sold out in only 1 week. There are now 3 tickets left to session 2.

Session 2 is Tuesday, May 9 – Thursday May 11.

Ticket information, FAQ, and form to purchase are all right here.

Here are the top 3 reasons to grab one of those 3 remaining tickets.

Escape Immerse Explore logo in red and white, abstractly mimicking the Canadian flag.

1 – Simplicity

This is the easiest way to go on an escape room vacation. You fill out a pre-event survey and we build a schedule for you, based on your escape room preferences. We find you teammates and book all the games. You just get to show up and play.

Plus, we choose a tour hotel and get a discounted rate, so even your travel logistics are simplified.

2 – Community

When you travel with a tour, there’s a community of people to share these games with. You can talk about all the best moments. You can talk about game design. You can talk about escape rooms as much as you want… because everyone wants to!

3 – Amazement

Montreal is one of the top escape room regions in North America. At Escaparium, you’ll see a scale of builds that few can replicate. The games are epic. At Immersia, you’ll see depth of story. At Sauve Qui Peut, you’ll see quirky themes with sets and gameplay to match. You’ll play 12 games, each unlike any other.

No matter how many escape rooms you’ve played, we are sure you’ll be amazed in Montreal.

Sign Up Today

You only have 1 week left to claim one of these last 3 tickets. This gives us time to personalize every person’s schedule. Grab your ticket by Sunday.

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