REPOD Season 4 – Key Moments: Editor’s Choice by Steve Ewing

In this special episode, we look back on some key moments from Season 4 of REPOD. Season 4 was notable for several reasons—every guest was from a different country, and all our guests were from the escape room world… yes, we do consider Boda Borg to be an escape room (well, perhaps a distant cousin).

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Our editor, Steve Ewing, put together a selection of some of his favorite moments from Season 4. In most cases, he didn’t go for the most obvious “meatiest” parts of a guest’s interview. Rather, he chose a few side stories in hopes of intriguing new listeners to check out our past episodes.

These stories include cooking pizzas in an escape room, buying and transporting a giant 80-foot pirate ship from Florida to an escape room in Montreal, uncovering massive financial fraud from business partners, intermissions and bathrooms in 3-hour escape rooms, and even running an escape room in the middle of a war with air alarms blaring.

This is a great episode to start with if you aren’t already a listener. And if you are, hopefully you’ll enjoy revisiting some of these key moments.

Thank you for listening, and stay tuned for Season 5 of REPOD, booting up again in April 2023.

PS. Did you notice our new theme music? It was created by Ryan Elder!

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