The Bureau – Possession at Haddon Heights [Review]

Possession at Haddon Heights is one of the best games in Orlando. Here are our other recommendations for great escape rooms in Orlando.

I collect molds, spores, and fungus.

Location:  Orlando, FL

Date Played: February 25, 2023

Team size: 2-4; we recommend 2-4

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $41.99 per player

Ticketing: Private

Accessibility Consideration:  wheelchair accessible, but one player must crawl. Low lighting throughout.

Emergency Exit Rating: [A+] No Lock

Physical Restraints: [A+] No Physical Restraints

REA Reaction

We encountered something special in Possession at Haddon Heights: two interaction types that we hadn’t seen before. Ever.

The Bureau does things differently. That was reflected in their lobby experience and in their approach to gameplay. It was refreshing.

A hand holding a flashlight to a the RAM logo of Haddon Heights Elementary School painted on a brick wall.

Possession at Haddon Heights was packed with world building… bouncing between a grim intensity and moments of humor.

There were two things we wished for this game: (1) We’d each get our own flashlight. And (2) the early game would aid players in understanding how to approach interactions.

This was our third game of the day at The Bureau, and by this time, the gameplay just clicked. We could immerse ourselves in this haunting. With the aid of one of those novel interactions, this was natural to do.

Possession at Haddon Heights was dark, creepy, and haunted. If you love this genre of escape room, or even if you just appreciate it, we strongly recommend stopping by The Bureau on your next trip to Orlando. There’s something here that’s as special as it is different.

Who is this for?

  • Adventure seekers
  • Story seekers
  • Scenery snobs
  • Horror fans
  • Thrill seekers
  • Any experience level

Why play?

  • Novel approach to sound effects
  • Writing and character development
  • The set-based interactions were compelling


The children at Haddon Heights Elementary School had been behaving strangely. The school officials said it was caused by a mold problem, but the truth was far more sinister.

A hand holding a flashlight to a to a book, Where the Red Fern Grows in a dark school.


Possession at Haddon Heights took place in a New Jersey elementary school that looked the part, from the office decor to the classroom art. The hallway was appropriately foreboding. The tech really brought the game world to life.

A hand holding a flashlight to a painted brick wall inside of a dark school.


The Bureau’s Possession at Haddon Heights was a standard escape room with a moderate level of difficulty.

The experience was creepy, so this will be an added challenge for some teams.

Core gameplay revolved around searching, observing, making connections, solving puzzles, and not being afraid to interact with the set.


➕ The Bureau nailed the vibe of this haunted school. The opening hallway scene was appropriately foreboding. The dim lighting and weathered walls sucked us in.

➕ I have been waiting for years to open a door in just the way we did in Possession at Haddon Heights. With simple technology, The Bureau mimicked a specific skill-based interaction, delivering a triumphant moment for a player.

➕ Possession at Haddon Heights was creepy, but not terrifying. As we opened up the full set, we continued to traverse the space, becoming more comfortable within it. This worked because the goal was not to keep us on edge for every minute of the experience (as some horror experiences strive to do). Through a few well-timed jump scares, we were primed for the unexpected. Still, we were able to relax enough to solve puzzles and understand the story, which was essential to the experience.

➖ Low lighting and shared flashlights stifled us.

➖ We encountered one big red herring. We believe it was an attempt at cluing, but it was misleading.

➕ We appreciated the jokes peppered throughout the world in unexpected places.

➖ One late-game puzzle was burned in our memories… slightly out of frame. It could have been more impactful.

➕ The Bureau used an audio technology we’d never before experienced in an escape room. Thematically, it made sense. It made the haunted scenes more personal.

➖ As the puzzle paths converged, the escape room lacked feedback. We knew something was off, but we had to retry each solution a few times, not knowing which ones we’d already completed successfully. Added feedback could double as theatrical flair that would be thematically appropriate.

➕ The Bureau used effects well to deliver an exciting and dramatic conclusion to this haunted tale.

Tips For Visiting

  • There is a parking lot.

Book your hour with The Bureau’s Possession at Haddon Heights, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Disclosure: The Bureau provided media discounted tickets for this game.


  1. “I have been waiting for years to open a door in just the way we did in Possession at Haddon Heights.” OK, this is killing me as I live in Arizona and if there is no tour in the next 18 months involving this room I will not get the chance to experience this rare treat. Can a Patreon beg for a spoiler?

    1. A Tour to Orlando in the next 18 months certainly seems like an interesting idea that we will take under advisement.

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