The Top Escape Rooms of Montreal 2023 [Tour Survey Results]

In May of 2023, we hosted Escape Immerse Explore: Montreal. On this escape room tour, we brought 65 people to this incredible escape room destination. 80% of attendees filled out our post-event survey, giving us feedback on the event and the escape rooms.

This tour featured 12 escape rooms, but most players added a few more to their schedules, and some added a full dozen more. The survey asked them to stack rank every game they played, and here are the results:

Escape Immerse Explore logo in red and white, abstractly mimicking the Canadian flag.

Escaparium Wowed

This tour didn’t have a decisive favorite escape room. 3 of the large scale games at Escaparium were by far the most popular, representing a combined 80% of first rankings.

  1. Forgotten Cathedral – 40% of respondents ranked it #1
  2. Wardrobe for Sale – 30% of respondents ranked it #1
  3. Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen – 10% of respondents ranked it #1

Escaparium’s two newest games are both breathtaking. They are immense in scale, and tell story through the gameplay. But that’s where the similarity ends. Forgotten Cathedral leans into thrills; Wardrobe for Sale is more character driven. And the themes are completely different.

More Favorites

Each of the following games was also at least one person’s favorite of the trip:

The 3 companies on the tour each offered different styles of escape rooms, and they each delivered at least 1 game that was someone’s favorite. Even the playful Bernie Block, ostensibly more for kids, provided a favorite experience.

Top 5 by Ranking

With the individual stack rankings, we’re able to assign weights to calculate how each escape room ranked in aggregate:

  1. Forgotten Cathedral
  2. Wardrobe for Sale
  3. Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen
  4. Project RESET
  5. Falderon Forest

While Project RESET and Falderon Forest may not have been ranked #1 most often, their consistently high rankings landed them in the Top 5, alongside Escaparium’s more bombastic experiences. For the most part, this aligns pretty well with our own top 5.

Many of the games at Escaparium are long. Because of scheduling constraints, we left Rain Corp. off the official tour schedules. However, most of the folks on the tour grabbed a booking on their own. After all, there were plenty of available teammates in town. Rain Corp ranked 6th. It’s another top tier game, and an experience not to be missed. However, the aggregate survey results agreed with our assessment that it is weaker than the other gigantic Escaparium games.


We are big fans of The Salutem Medicina Institute, but it didn’t land with a large portion of this tour audience. (Interestingly, it landed better for our 2021 tour.) It ranked lowest of the Immersia games featured on this tour, which surprised us, as it remains our favorite game at Immersia.

Strong Market

Montreal is one of the strongest escape room markets in North America.

Our Montreal Recommendations Guide is now updated.

If you’re a traveling escape room player, Montreal is a city not to be missed. We look forward to bringing another tour back in the future.

Escape Immerse Explore

Our next tour is going to Orlando this fall! The top escape rooms in Orlando showcase humor, inventive interaction design, and character-driven storytelling. On this escape room tour, you’ll experience a variety of styles, and some incredible one-of-a-kind escape games.

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