Robots Solving – Mazes 🐁🤖

A New Series

As a complement to our ongoing series, Animals Solving Puzzles, we have a new series: Robots Solving Puzzles.

If you encounter interesting videos of animals or robots solving puzzles, please do send them my way.

Rise of the Micro-Mouse

File this under things I knew nothing about.

For decades there has been a competition to create micro-mice, small robots designed to efficiently navigate a maze. This short documentary from Veritasium shows the dramatic changes that have happened over the course of decades of competition.

3D rendering closeup of a humanoid robot holding a maze. Text reads, "Robot emoji solving."

These 🐁🤖 are insane.


  1. “Amaze”-ing. It is a little scary to think about all the things they have learned in this genre, and how it could/probably is now part of drones that are small, smart and lethal.

    1. Oh it’s absolutely terrifying… and impressive.

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