Best of REA: July 2023

At Room Escape Artist, we write about escape rooms 365 days a year, but here are the top things you need to know!

  1. It’s time to get your RECON Ticket!
  2. There are only a few Escape Immerse Explore Orlando tickets available.
  3. This month, we have a section below highlighting content for parents.
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It’s almost time for RECON!

And I can tell you, from behind the scenes: The talks are phenomenal. The game is a ton of fun. We’re really excited about the conversation topics. The energy is building!


Escape Rooms

Robotopia, Omescape Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale, California) – This is a 2 hour escape room jam-packed with satisfying puzzles, delightful set elements, and plenty of whimsy. (Review by Matthew Stein)

The Cellar, Great Escape of Central Texas (Killeen, TX) – The Cellar had an immersive space, interesting puzzles, and evocative interactions. It’s perfect for fans of horror escape rooms! (Review by Sarah Mendez)


Mother of Frankenstein, Hatch Escapes – (tabletop escape game) Mother of Frankenstein is a tabletop game stitched together from letters and journals, jigsaw puzzles, papercraft, and challenging puzzles. (Review by Sarah Willson)


REPOD S5E12 – Optimizing Throughput: Matthew DuPlessie, Founder & CEO of Level99 & 5 Wits – For the last episode of Season 5, we interviewed with Matthew DuPlessie, Founder & CEO of Level99 and 5 Wits, impressive immersive gaming businesses in Massachusetts.

For Parents & Kids

Escape Your House: Spy Team, Escape Room the Game (Kids Product Review) – This is an escape room for families that you sent up inside your house. Bring your energy! (Review by Sarah Mendez)

Why You Should Do Escape Rooms With Your Kids – Here are 6 reasons to play escape rooms with your kids. You don’t need a babysitter. Escape rooms can be fun for the whole family! (By Emily Hall and Peter Gwinn)

Recommendation Guides


High End Escape Rooms Stack WOW Moments The best escape rooms stack numerous memorable moments and high quality creative interactions. This piece outlines some examples. (By Richard Burns)


There are only a few tickets left to Escape Immerse Explore Orlando, happing this November. Join us for a wonderful adventure!

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