Rise of the Resistance: Tools of Immersion Made the World’s Greatest Theme Park Ride

(Or at least the greatest theme park ride that I have ever encountered, but that is a less enticing headline.)

I’m not going to spoil anything about this ride, but I need the escape room community to know that Rise of the Resistance is the real deal.

A squad of Stormtroopers standing in a ship's docking bay. The vastness of space is seen behind them.

“Disney Magic”

I enjoy visiting a Disney park, but I’ll freely admit that I have never been bought into The Magic™. This probably has something to do with my first trip to Disney World as a child ultimately being dubbed by my family as “the trip from hell.”

So I have always appreciated the detail, worldbuilding, and rides at Disney, but Rise of the Resistance was the first time where I felt the magic.

I spent my first time on Rise of the Resistance with my jaw hanging open. True astonishment. And this was after some friends hyped it up for me.

Afterwards, I vacillated between speechless and inarticulate for more than an hour. A rare sight.

A Mon Calamari animatronic in a cockpit.

The Tools of Immersion are the Magic

Rise of the Resistance is magical because Disney employs so many tools of immersion.

I’m not going to say what tools they are using specifically, but I will say that this is no normal Disney park experience.

And if you are looking to see it, I’d recommend coming on our Orlando Tour. We have a couple of tickets left for Premium Extension 2. This extension will give you a rest day in between the main tour and your day trip to Exit Games in Clearwater. This is the last week to join the tour.

I would strongly encourage you to go to Disney and take in Rise of the Resistance with that day. I will be stunned if it doesn’t wake up and energize your inner child.

Thank you!

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