The Escape Ventures – The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail [Review]

The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail is one of the best games in Orlando. Here are our other recommendations for great escape rooms in Orlando.

Christmas in Florida

Location:  Orlando, Florida

Date Played: July 21, 2023

Team size: 2-6; we recommend 2-4

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $35.99 per person for teams of 4+ (more per person for smaller teams)

Ticketing: Private

Accessibility Consideration:  This game is wheelchair accessible, according to The Escape Ventures website.

Emergency Exit Rating: [A+] No Lock

Physical Restraints: [A+] No Physical Restraints

REA Reaction

The title, “The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail” tells you exactly what to expect from this escape room: it’s weird and funny. We’ve played a lot of Christmas-themed escape rooms, but none set up quite like this one. This quaint, cozy home was full of delightful laughs.

The Satirical Miracle was the most puzzle-focused game at The Escape Ventures. Yes it has some of the character work and quirky gameplay that they have become known for, but for a company that has built their brand around a quirky style, this was the most traditional escape game in the building. Depending upon what you’re looking for, this may or may not be a selling feature.

A scarecrow beside a flower box and a house.

While the other escape rooms at The Escape Ventures push the envelope a bit more in terms of narrative, characters, and even weirdness, this one showcases the company’s talent for puzzle design (which underpins all their experiences) and knack for humor. If you’re heading out to Escape Ventures Neighborhood Watcher, Operation Arctic Storm: The Final Meltdown, and Bros for Life Fraternity Heist are our favorites (and Outage: No Vacancy has a more unusual gameplay mechanic), but if those games don’t call to you, or you have extra time, The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail is a jolly good time.

Not every game needs to be an especially unusual specimen in order to be worth playing.

Who is this for?

  • Puzzle lovers
  • Christmas aficionados
  • Fans of humorous escape rooms
  • Any experience level

Why play?

  • It’s funny
  • Fun puzzles with satisfying solves
  • The set up is entertaining


It was time to decorate for Christmas! Granny Fanny needed us to clean up the fall decor and transform her house for Christmas before her guests would arrive. We had to be swift because we knew Granny could hold a grudge.


The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail had a cute set. We began in a kitschy exterior set with a lot of charm. That set transitioned to a warm interior set. It felt Christmasy.

A scarecrow beside a leaf-covered, front porch.


The Escape Ventures’ The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail was a standard escape room with a moderate level of difficulty.

Core gameplay revolved around observing, making connections, and solving puzzles.


➕/➖ The set ups for this game were adorable… both of them. We were a little confused by the existence of two different introductions. We loved both the original set up, and then the pivot at the entrance of the game, but we never understood how they fit together, or why.

➕ The whimsical exterior set was charming. The warm interior set felt Christmas-y. It was appropriately warm and homey. We enjoyed the Christmas lights.

➕ The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail offered a variety of puzzle types. There were a number of layered puzzles especially satisfying solves.

➖ At some points, we were unsure what solve has triggered what reveal. There were some opportunities for more distinct feedback.

➕/➖ In their newer games, The Escape Ventures leans into character interactions. In the The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail, an actor played only a small role. Narratively, this felt forced. It wasn’t particularly Christmassy, and thus we weren’t quite sure how to play the moment. However, the associated puzzle was funny. Additionally, it was a more interesting and unexpected interaction than this type of prop typically produces in escape rooms. We always appreciate blurring the boundaries of the gamespace.

Tips For Visiting

  • There is a large parking lot.
  • There are many restaurants close by. We enjoyed Vespr Coffee Bar, just across the parking lot.

Book your hour with The Escape Ventures’ The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Disclosure: The Escape Ventures comped our tickets for this game.

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