DarkPark Released an Album!

This is something new. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, DarkPark just released an album featuring 25 tracks from their suite of games.

The Dutch escape room company DarkPark is known for excellence in many categories, and music is certainly one of them.

As Gjis Geers, CEO of DarkPark explained to us in Season 5 of Reality Escape Pod, his games are all lovingly scored by Eelco R. Claassen.

Image of a rundown building, text reads, "DarkPark: Music from the DarkVerse." Each letter of DarkPark has an illustration in the letter that represents the games of DarkPark.

The music is as intense as it is beautifully composed… plus it streams for free. I’m especially fond of Annihilation Imminent from The End.

You can listen to DarkPark: Music from the DarkVerse on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, and Deezer. The album is out now.

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