Operation Nutcracker

Update: Oct 17, 2023: The event is SOLD OUT again.

Update: Oct 7, 2023: We JUST EXPANDED. There are now 12 more tickets to this event. These will be the last tickets!

Update Oct 2, 2023: The event is SOLD OUT.

Since its inception, David and I have not missed a year of Club Drosselmeyer. This year, we invite you to join us in this holiday tradition. This is Operation Nutcracker.

Operation Nutcracker is a one-day event that brings the escape room community together to experience the spectacle that is music, performers, dancing, puzzles, mystery, costumes, drinking, and storytelling.

Operation Nutcracker is the Room Escape Artist experience at Club Drosselmeyer, available with only one of this year’s performances: December 10th.

We believe that we have dreamt up the best way to take in Club Drosselmeyer and hope that you’ll join us.

Operation Nutcracker banner with a Room Escape Artist Nutcracker

Key Information

This is a one day event that includes an evening performance of Club Drosselmeyer and extended programming from Room Escape Artist.

  • Date: Sunday, December 10, 2023
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Price: $119 per ticket

Ticket Information

By purchasing your Club Drosselmeyer ticket through Room Escape Artist, you’ll get to experience the magical night with members of the REA team and extended REA community.

Your ticket includes:

  • Ticket to Club Drosselmeyer’s show on December 10
  • Seat in the Operation Nutcracker section
  • Seat at a table with 3-5 other teammates*
  • Sneak peek at the magical venue before showtime
  • Swing dance lesson
  • Social opportunities
  • Afterparty
  • Operation Nutcracker pin
  • Discount rate in the Operation Nutcracker hotel block
  • Discount codes to local Boston and Massachusetts escape rooms
  • … and secrets!

* You get to make table requests. You’ll also get to tell us your play style so that we can create a balanced table of “interactors” and puzzlers to give you the optimal Club Drosselmeyer experience.

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If I buy an Operation Nutcracker ticket, do I also have to buy a Club Drosselmeyer ticket?

No, your Operation Nutcracker ticket includes your entry into Club Drosselmeyer for December 10, 2023.

Why did you create Operation Nutcracker?

We’ve been attending Club Drosselmeyer since its inception in 2016. We adore this event, and how it combines puzzles, immersive theater, music, and dance into an incredible spectacle. We want more people to experience its magic. We designed Operation Nutcracker to make it easy for you to attend.

Is Operation Nutcracker an Escape Immerse Explore tour?

No, this is a different type of event. Escape Immerse Explore tours take you to play top notch escape rooms. Your ticket to Operation Nutcracker doesn’t include any escape rooms (although it will likely include escape room discount codes). However, similarly to a tour, it is designed to give you the best of an experience, and crafted to bring our community together.

What if I don’t dance?

That’s ok! You don’t need to dance to enjoy at Operation Nutcracker. However, as part of your ticket, you’ll get a swing dance lesson so that you’ll feel a little more comfortable on the dance floor, if the opportunity to dance presents itself.

What do I wear?

You’ll want to dress up for the evening festivities. Think cocktail attire. We suggest a nod to 1940 in your outfit by way of a fascinator or a dapper cap. Or, you can go all out in vintage 1940s formal wear. At a bare minimum, dress up a little and you’ll fit right in.

Club Drosselmeyer sounds historical. Do I need to know about history?

No. It involves historical events, and if you know about this history, it might add to your experience. However, you don’t need any particular historical knowledge to have a great time at this event.

This event is called Operation Nutcracker. Do I need to know anything about The Nutcracker?

No. This is like the history thing where this knowledge can add to your experience. However, you don’t need to know the story or have seen the ballet to have a great time at this event. (David can attest to this knowledge not being needed.)

Do I have to LARP?

No. You are welcome to create a character for yourself in order to more authentically interact with the characters in the show. However, you don’t need to. In fact, you don’t need to interact at all, if that’s not your thing.

Do I have to solve puzzles?

No. For some people, this is a tough environment to solve puzzles in, or perhaps puzzles aren’t really your thing. You can help get the puzzles for your table and bring the answers back to the characters. Or you can watch… or dance.

What are the hours of Operation Nutcracker?

This is a one day event on Sunday, December 10. We expect to welcome everyone around 12pm. The main event ends around 10:30pm, but you can expect our after party to go past midnight. A detailed schedule of the day will be available to ticket buyers soon.

What should I do about airfare and hotels?

Your ticket does not cover travel or lodging. We are setting up a hotel block in a convenient location, at a discounted rate. Hotel block information will be emailed to ticket purchasers soon.

How do I get to Cambridge?

Cambridge is easily accessible from Boston by public transportation (the T). You can fly in to Logan Airport or take an Amtrak train to South Station.

Can I choose who sits at my table at Club Drosselmeyer?

Yes! The majority of tables in the Operation Nutcracker section seat 6 people. A few seat 4 people. You can request to sit with 1-2 other Operation Nutcracker attendees, or even request a full table.

I’m coming on my own. Who will I sit with?

You’ll fill out a brief survey to help us understand how you expect to participate in Club Drosselmeyer (i.e. solving puzzles, talking to characters, watching performances) and we’ll create an optimal table for you. Your table will work together to solve the puzzles and unravel the story.

I can’t make it this year. Will you run Operation Nutcracker again next year?

It’s too soon to say exactly what future Club Drosselmeyer events might look like, but we expect to be back.

Can I buy a ticket for someone under 21?

Unfortunately, no. All participants must be 21 years of age on December 10, 2023.

However, imbibing alcohol is always optional.

I’m concerned about the uncertainty around COVID-19. Should I buy a ticket?

This is the world we have to operate in now. We do our best to remain aware and adaptable, and support the needs of all guests. If you are high risk, know that this is a social event, and make the right decision for you.

Is there a COVID-19 vaccination requirement?


Is this ticket refundable?

No, all tickets are final sale.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The terms and conditions are the same as for our Escape Immerse Explore tours. By buying a ticket, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

What if I have other questions?