Sugru: The Must-Use Maker-Tool for Room Escape Designers

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What’s Sugru?

Sugru is an easy-to-use; hand-formable; self-setting rubber.

“It moulds like play-dough, bonds to almost anything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight.”

It’s strong, durable, soft, flexible, removable, as well as heat-, cold-, and water-proof.

And you can mix it to make any color you want.

It takes 30 minutes to dry, and 24 hours to cure.

Why Should Room Escape Designer Use Sugru?

  • You’ve created a puzzle, or a puzzle element that has a small gap in it. Your players keep sticking things into that gap that they shouldn’t be
  • You need to build a puzzle, or puzzle element that needs to merge two things together
  • It plays well with magnets and legos to make items attachable/ detachable
  • Waterproofing stuff
  • Drop-proofing stuff
  • Adding handholds
  • Adding color to a puzzle element

It’s just such a simple way to modify and customize things. I use it all of the time in my home, and have on many occasions seen a puzzle in a room escape that could benefit from a bit of Sugru.

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