Komnata Quest – The impossible murder mystery [Review]

Massive and legitimately frightening.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Date played: February 1, 2016

Team size: 3-5; we recommend 3-4

Price: $28 per ticket

A large horror detective adventure

Komnata Quest’s website tags The impossible murder mystery with the words: adventure, detective, horror, and large.

Those tags are facts.

The detective adventure story began with this description:

“How can murders still happen when the killer has been caught? Maths professor Felix Goban is in prison for the murder of 7 people. 2 more murders have been linked to him since, even though he is locked in solitary confinement. You work in the murder investigation squad. Your task is to solve the mystery: How does he continue to kill from behind the bars?”

When we entered Goban’s home to search for clues, it quickly became clear that the game was both horrifying and massive.

The theming was damn good. So good that Lisa spent the game continually reminding herself it was a game.

The trailer for the Russian version will give you a sense of what to expect:

This is a real horror game

I can’t make this clear enough. Komnata Quest’s “horror” description was not hyperbolic. This game was scary.

I rather enjoy horror. Nevertheless there was one moment that made me jump, and there was one object in this room that profoundly disturbed me. It was sharp, intimidating, and I wasn’t happy that it was in the space. I’d complain about it, but Komnata clearly put it in there to achieve my reaction. You’ve been warned.

Lisa does not enjoy horror. She did not enjoy this room. She barely played and devoted most of her energy towards not appearing scared (which she did very well). Again, you’ve been warned.

The Impossible Murder Mystery teaser image depicts a brain with a knife in it.

Challenging environment

The impossible murder mystery was a challenging game. The puzzles were not particularly hard, but the environment was harsh.

The game was scavenging heavy, and the dark, disturbing, dungeon-esque feel, coupled with the size of the play-space was hard on our team.

We burned a lot of time searching and re-searching for objects. It was very easy to miss things. And miss them, we did.

The game was blessedly linear. If it weren’t, the space would have been way too large.

Should I play Komnata Quest’s The impossible murder mystery?

If you’re looking for an intense horror puzzle adventure, you won’t find much better in New York City than The impossible murder mystery.

It’s nerve-wracking. It’s disturbing. It’s horror.

The impossible murder mystery should not be your first escape game.

The impossible murder mystery is not a game you drag a reluctant friend to.

If you can’t enjoy a horror movie, then The impossible murder mystery is not for you.

If you’ve been around the escape game block a few times and enjoy horror, then you ought to go. This game was nuts.

Book your hour with Komnata Quest’s The impossible murder mystery, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you by using the coupon code, escapeartist to receive 10% off.

Full disclosure: Komnata Quest comped our tickets for this game.


  1. You hit it right on the nose. I did this room in the beginning of February with three other people and it scared the pants off of me. We made it out with 5 minutes to spare. I think if we weren’t freaking out 90% of the time, we would’ve made it out with more time to spare.

  2. Hey guys,
    Looks like the link at the bottom doesn’t work anymore. Just FYI.

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