Best of Room Escape Artist

Following the Chicago Escape Room Conference, we have quite a few new readers.

Image of a packed lecture hall with Lisa and David on stage presenting.
Image of our packed 400 person talk courtesy of James Cobalt. James battled weather and airlines to attend.

So, for readers new and old, here is an assortment of some of the most interesting posts we’ve written over the past two years.

Player Tips

What’s a Room Escape?

Brute Force & Escape Rooms

Room Design & Industry Commentary

Escape Room Top 10 Cliches & Top 10 Safety Tips

Two Years of Room Escapes: The Growth of the US Market

Escape Room in a Box vs. Real Life Escape Games

On Surrendering Mobile Devices in Escape Rooms


For a selection of reviews of games we loved, check out our 2015 Golden Lock-In award winners.

The 2016 winners will be announced in December.


If you’d like to support us, order one of our limited run “Puzzle Harder T-Shirts.” There are only about 20 left.

Finally, for those at our talk… this was the room escape merchandise that we reviewed after a couple drinks.

Allow your thoughts to escape

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