Panel Discussion: Co-Working, Co-Existing… and Thriving!

Last year we made it clear that we believe that top escape room businesses should be collaborating with one another.

The panel

So, we’re delighted to moderate a panel at the upcoming Room Escape Conference and Tradeshow in Niagara Falls on this very topic. We’ll be speaking at length about how Louisiana escape room owners Mindi Plaisance (Rise Escape Rooms), Dwayne Sanburn (13th Gate Escape), and Megan Mouton (Clue Carré) support each other’s businesses.

Co-Working, Co-Existing, and THRIVING! will be held on Tuesday, May 2 at 2:30PM in Cascade Room 1.

This panel will cost $50 per person if you pre-register or $55 per person if you register at the conference.

What to expect

During our pre-interviews (we do our homework), we covered a lot of ground with Mindi, Dwayne, and Megan. Attendees are in for a fantastic discussion.

We’ve heard a lot of great things about all three of their games and these images speak for themselves.

As far as the panel discussion is concerned, you can expect to hear about how collaboration

  • creates awareness
  • improves game design
  • generates a market
  • builds a support structure

We’ll also address some of the individual challenges these companies face… from space constraints, to traffic crises, to market size, to drunk players. They might not have the same operational concerns, but they all have the same goal: to create a thriving puzzle entertainment business in southern Louisiana.

There will be plenty of opportunity for audience questions, so come on over if you’re looking for a dynamic discussion… and no PowerPoint slides.

Get your tickets today!

If you haven’t already purchased them, get your tickets for the Room Escape Conference in Niagara Falls. Come to our talks, visit our booth, and generally enjoy a few days of learning and networking.

Be sure to checkout some escape rooms while you’re there. Buffalo / Niagara Falls have some great ones.

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