Xscape The Room – The Classroom [Review]

School askew.

Location: Media, Pennsylvania

Date played: June 24, 2017

Team size: 4-10; we recommend 4-6

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $28 per ticket

Story & setting

We entered a bad dream where we had to take a test… but we hadn’t studied for it. Could we reason our way through our classroom dreamscape?

The Classroom was a cartoonish, dream-like school environment. Instead of being locked into a room that looked like school, we were in a charmingly odd school-esque setting where lessons and meaning required crafty interpretation.

In-game: A little hula girl statue sits in the foreground with a twisted and askew classroom in the background.


Everything in The Classroom was a little funky and the puzzles were no exception. In keeping with the classroom-in-a-dream environment, the puzzles generally involved a convergence of seemingly unrelated things.


Classroom settings aren’t inherently exciting. I spent a couple of decades in classrooms and they all basically looked the same. I loved Xscape The Room’s dreamy, funky take on a classroom. It made a setting that could have been boring into something fun, weird, and joyous.

The Classroom was built around a series of puzzles and moments that were all simple, yet brilliantly executed.

The Classroom made us laugh.


Color was used in a lot of different ways, some of which were red herrings and may even have been unintentional distractions.

Some recurring props seemed like they should have had meaning, but didn’t. There was a lot of unnecessary stuff and a little too much searching. I would have preferred an extra puzzle or two and fewer distractions.

The Classroom lacked a climax. When we emerged through the exit door, we weren’t quite ready for the escape room’s conclusion.

Should I play Xscape The Room’s The Classroom?

The Classroom was playful, charming, and funky. It exemplified a standard escape room executed well.

I highly recommend The Classroom for newbies; it will be a tough but satisfying game.

Experienced players will also enjoy The Classroom. The puzzling works well and it offers something refreshingly different. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

The Classroom was the seventh and final game of an escape room marathon day and we emerged feeling energized and delighted… That’s high praise.

Book your hour with Xscape The Room’s The Classroom, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Xscape The Room provided media discounted tickets for this game.

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