Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Room Escape Recommendations

If we had to pick a favorite city to play escape rooms… In all of our travels, Amsterdam tops the list.

Here are our favorite games in Amsterdam (and one that’s a bit of a journey beyond the city). Since we like nuance, they are broken out into categories.

A bridge covered in bicycles over a canal in Amsterdam.

Market standouts

If you only have time for a few games, play these:

  1. Girl’s Room, Escape Room Netherlands
  2. The Vault, Sherlocked
  3. The Architect, Sherlocked
  4. Eliza’s Heart, Logic Locks
  5. Judgment Day, My Escape Club

Set & scenery-driven


Action movie feel


Spooky & scary


You are always welcome to contact us if this recommendation list doesn’t answer your specific questions.

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