The Mysterious Case of the Meow Wolf Postcard

We’re stumped!

We’ve received some really interesting things from the readers of this site including a number of tabletop games, a postcard with a bespoke puzzle, and a black-light saber. However, we’ve always known who these things were from… until this week.

A Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return postcard.

A postcard addressed to "The Spiras" reads, "Meow Wolf is calling to you and you must go." No signature.

“Meow Wolf is calling to you and you must go.”

This is cryptic and delightful, and yes, we already wanted to visit Meow Wolf. This has only added to the intrigue.

The Clues

The sender

  • has our address (but a lot of folks do)
  • went to Meow Wolf in late May
  • has a sense of style

Anyway… to whomever sent this, we’re stumped. We’d like a hint please.

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