Starship Desolation: Impromptu Video Review with Christine Barger

While visiting LA, we finally got a chance to play an escape room with Christine Barger. Immediately after completing Starship Desolation at Cyph3r Escape Experience, her camera came out for an impromptu review.

Once we got over a bit of initial camera shyness awkwardness, we settled into a lovely chat about the game.

Our full review will publish in the coming weeks.

You can follow Christine in all sorts of places: 


  1. So fun to see you guys on video! It’s like a short little visit.

  2. I loved how this video review showed parts of the room we may not ordinarily see in a review. While the video portion created an interest in me to actually visit the CYPH3R website (where I found more video and still shots that cemented my desire to play this room) I really value the “+”/”-” thoughtful analysis that the typical REA review contains. Therefore, videos feed my enthusiast/player side and REA analysis feeds my designer/owner/player side.

    1. I think that’s an interesting point and something to ponder.

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