Physically Mapping Escape Room Travels

David’s parents gave us a nifty gift! A set of Wanderlust Scratch Off Maps.

The package contained both a map of the USA and one of the World.

Out partially scratched off USA map.
This map is about 12 inches by 18 inches.

Scratch-Off Map

Thus far we’ve played escape rooms in a dozen countries and 26 states (and DC). It turned out… that was a lot of scratching.

It appears our escape room habit has a coastal bias in the US. We’ll need to change that. Our travels abroad have been disproportionately to Europe. We hope to get back to Asia soon!

If you’re a traveling escape room player, you might be interested in one of these scratch-off maps. You can see your escape travel trends in vivid color.

Out partially scratched off world map.
This map is about 18 inches by 24 inches.

Tips for Scratching

Thankfully the maps came with a guitar pick that was considerably more effective than a coin.

It’s deceptively challenging to color in the lines. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The scratching produces quite a lot of shavings. If you try to suck them off the map with a Dustbuster, you might inadvertently make a scratch with the Dustbuster. Sorry, Montana. We’ll just have to visit!

Finally, the maps emerge from the box curled up in a roll. The hardcover Harry Potter series is fantastic for flattening them.

You could use these maps to keep track of all sorts of travels. We know a couple who is trying to win an escape room in every state. Could be a fun way to keep track.

Wanderlust Scratch Off Maps


    1. First of all, thank you.

      Second… Just did a Google search on Whitefish and oh my does that look like a gorgeous place to visit (or live).

      I hope that we can make it there someday.

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