Ask Anything to Escape This Podcast!

We’re entering the final phase of our evil plans to take over Escape This Podcast… well… for one episode.

We’ll be taking over hosting duties for a unique bonus episode of Escape This Podcast where we all learn a bit more about the genius Australian duo behind this podcast: Dani and Bill.

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Now in its 6th season, Escape This Podcast has given escape room players tons of audio escape rooms that they can play alongside entertaining guests.

We enjoyed guest starring on the Season 2 Finale and the Season 6 Premier. Escape this Podcast has hosted The Room Escape Divas, The Wild Optimists (Escape Room in a Box), REA Hivemind Reviewer and Survivor legend Peih-Gee Law, and even Neil Patrick Harris.

Ask Your Questions

We’re planning to cover a lot of ground with the duo, and we’re looking for your help to dig deep into their process, hopes, dreams, and aspirations for their growing podcasting business.

We will absolutely be covering:

  • Designing story arcs across episodes and guests
  • Creating puzzles to be presented entirely over audio
  • Giving guidance without feeding guests answers
  • Talking to famous people
  • Australian escape rooms
  • And Neil Patrick Harris

This is a great opportunity to learn more about Dani and Bill. Please send us your questions.

Submitting your Question

We’re making this super easy by providing 4 simple options for you:

  • Write your question in the comments on this post.
  • Drop it in our Facebook post.
  • Reply to our Tweet.
  • Email it to

You’ll get your question in the queue through whichever option floats your boat.

How’s This Q&A Gonna Work?

In a unique episode of Escape This Podcast, David and Lisa will ask Dani and Bill your questions, and we’ll all find out the answers together. You’ll be able to find the episode on any channel where you listen to Escape This Podcast.

We will share the piece too.


  1. Oooh. Questions!
    Do you start theme first or puzzles first?
    Where does most of the inspiration for puzzles come from?
    Has Bill always been a goofball?

  2. 1) Who’s your favourite guest designer so far, and why is it Jim Fishwick?
    2) Has doing the podcast changed the way you solve/enjoy physical escape rooms?
    3) When designing rooms, how much do you keep in mind that someone will be solving them out loud? Are there types of puzzles you’ve stopped using because they don’t make for good podcast moments?

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