Only 1 Week Left! Your Rankings Will Help TERPECA Find The Top Escape Rooms

There is only one week left to vote for your favorite escape rooms as part of the 2020 Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Award, TERPECA. This a community-driven endeavor to help surface the industry’s best escape rooms.

Top Room Escape Project Enthusiasts' Choice Awards 2020 logo.

Note for 2020

Even if you haven’t played many real-life escape games this year, if you’re eligible to vote, you can and should add your voice.

A participant is required to have played at least 50 rooms to be eligible to rank rooms.

Due to the emergence of online escape rooms in 2020, you can include online games in your count of 50.

Also, online escape rooms have their own category this year; you’ll rank them separately.

Vote Now!

Visit the TERPECA voter portal to sign up.

Rankings (votes) are due November 30 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Ranking is hard. Oh boy, do we understand. We are each ranking more than 80 rooms, played over the course of almost 5 years. You can do it!

The more people who rank, the more meaningful the rankings will be.


If you’re unfamiliar with TERPECA, I invite you to read more about it here, in our piece calling for voters last year.

You can also read TERPECA FAQs on their website.

I will remind you that David and I share a vote on the TERPECA board. It is not our project, but we do our best to help guide it along with a few other well-intentioned folks.

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