This Wednesday: David & Peih-Gee Livestream with Trapped Puzzle Rooms on IndieCade’s Beyond Screens

David Spira and Peih-Gee Law, the hosts of REA’s new podcast the Reality Escape Pod, will be livestreaming on Twitch this Wednesday as part of IndieCade’s weekly show Beyond Screens.

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  • Date: Wednesday, April 14
  • Time: Noon PST / 3pm EST
  • Guest: Mark Larson, Trapped Puzzle Rooms

This Wednesday’s Livestream

In this episode, David and Peih-Gee will be joined by Mark Larson from Trapped Puzzle Rooms in St. Paul, MN. They will talk about Mark’s approach to blending escape rooms with tabletop roleplaying. This is one of the many creative approaches we’ve seen in escape room online adaptation over the past year.

Mark is a ton of fun, and we hope you stop in for what is sure to be an entertaining chat. Feel free to pop in and out as you need. It’s live, casual, and we welcome your questions.

Monthly Appearances

IndieCade’s new weekly show Beyond Screens has a rotating cast of hosts livestreaming on Twitch on Wednesdays at Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern.

David and Peih-Gee will host about once a month, sometimes with other guests. They’ll vary the format of their streams. You can expect conversation, games, puzzles, and fun!

About Beyond Screens

Beyond Screens is IndieCade’s new Twitch show exploring work that pushes the boundaries of, or comes entirely off of the screen. Genres covered will include participatory theatre, alternate reality and live-action roleplaying; escape rooms; Big Games; and alternative controllers. Each hour-long episode will feature an in-depth conversation with creators of these genre-defining games.

This show is weekly, every Wednesday at Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern.

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