Introducing New Writers for REA

If you weren’t looking for it, you might have missed a detail about these recent reviews:

David and I didn’t write them.

Stylized image of hands holding a journal and pen writing.

Some of the REA Hivemind writers have started reviewing in-person escape rooms, and in one case, a tabletop product.

With more reviewers, Room Escape Artist can share more voices, and cover more experiences, across more of the US, than we’ve ever been able to do before.

For me, this is also a fun new editorial challenge. Luckily, these folks are a talented bunch of writers and we’ve had the benefit of a year+ to collaborate and train with them. (Sometimes that meant training David and me to work with new folks.)

New Reviewers

All of these writers have their own bylined reviews publishing in July and/or August.

Listed in order of appearance:

Additionally, Sarah Willson continues to review from Los Angeles, and Steve Ewing is currently editor for the Reality Escape Pod.

Non-Review Pieces

This month we also published Next Steps for Online Avatar Games by Darren Miller (new contributor) and Defining “Premium Escape Rooms” & Why It Matters by Richard Burns (who started writing for REA a little over a year ago.)

Additionally, all the Reality Escape Pod Show Notes are written by co-host Peih-Gee Law.

Early Access

Matthew and Theresa W had a wonderful time at Magic Lamp… so much so that we shared Matthew’s review with our Patreon backers before it published.

Patreon backers, you can expect more early access reviews in the future from places David and I haven’t even been!

Thank You!

Thank you for supporting us, and the entire Room Escape Artist team. You make this growth possible.

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  1. I’d love to see a photo or avatar or badge or woodcut or something for each author, so it would be easier to track the byline.

    1. A great idea. It’s absolutely on our to-do list for future site improvements.

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