Announcing The Book of Dreams on Indiegogo

We are excited about The Book of Dreams, a puzzle anthology, created as a collaboration by 12 world-renowned puzzle-related companies.

100% of the profit is going to Doctors Without Borders.

The Indiegogo campaign is live now.

We don’t typically announce or promote crowdfunding campaigns without playing and reviewing a nearly finished prototype. However, today we are making an exception. We believe in this group of creators, and want to support this cause. We hope you feel the same way.

The Book of Dreams, a Puzzle Anthology cover art with ornate gold lettering over an illustrated sky background.

Notable Creators

Layout of the logos of the 12 different puzzle creators behind The Book of Dreams.

REA reviews of each creator’s work are linked below:

This is a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable folks. Learn more from Errol, Summer (Locurio), and Rita (PostCurious) in the RECON Global 21 videos below.

Support Doctors Without Borders

Your support of this project supports Doctors without Borders (or MSF).

Founded in 1971, the organization provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from healthcare, all around the world.

Recently, they have been supporting in and around Ukraine, through donating supplies to Kyiv hospitals, training hospitals in Lviv, sending experienced medical staff around the country, and many other things.

And follow The Book of Dreams on Facebook here.

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