Best of REA: December 2022

At Room Escape Artist, we write about escape rooms 365 days a year. It’s a lot of content… so we’ve decided to help you out with a monthly column that highlights the strongest and most interesting content that we put out each month.

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Upcoming Livestream

You’re invited to tune in to next week’s Livestream to learn what’s next for our events. We will:

  • share our vision for RECON 23 and beyond
  • talk about upcoming Escape, Immerse, Explore Tours
  • tease Season 5 of the Reality Escape Pod
  • answer questions from chat

Details: Tuesday, January 3 at 9:00pm Eastern


Escape Rooms

The Missing Season, Steal and Escape (San Diego, CA) – Steal and Escape is pushing the boundaries of story- and narration-driven escape room gameplay in The Missing Season. (Review by Theresa W)

The Weeping Witch, Cross Roads Escape Games (Anaheim, CA) – The Weeping Witch was truly terrifying… and we wholeheartedly recommend it. (Review by Theresa W)


The Past Within, Rusty Lake (point-and-click) – In this cooperative point-and-click game, we love the warped dream-like logic of the game world. (Review by the REA Hivemind)


REPOD S4E10: Digging for a Pony: David Spigner, CEO of Boda Borg, Sweden(ish) – We didn’t know much about Boda Borg, a reality gaming company that originated in Sweden, before we interviewed David Spigner, President/CEO. He’s a great storyteller and his journey is full of surprises. (Show notes by Peih-Gee Law)


Black Immersive Creators Grant 2023: Donations Open – Fundraising is now open for the 2023 season of The Black Immersive Creators Grant. If you have the means, please consider making a donation.

Now Available: The TERPECA 2022 Results – Here’s our write-up of the Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiast Choice Awards for the best escape rooms. Congratulations to the TERPECA winners! (By David Spira)


When we announced tickets to Escape Immerse Explore Montreal for May 2023, they sold out in one week.

We’re excited to let you know we’ve opened up more tickets for a second session of this event 🎉

Tickets are on sale at the link below!

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