Meet Peih-Gee & David at The Next Stage in Los Angeles (June 3-4)

Peih-Gee and I invite you to join us at The Next Stage in Los Angeles!

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This event brings together established leaders and up-and-coming voices in the fields of immersive theater, augmented & virtual reality, experiential marketing, escape rooms, game design, and themed entertainment.

David and Peih-Gee standing together cuddling baby unicorns.

Peih-Gee Hosts The Future of Immersive Gaming Panel

Saturday, June 3 at 4:15pm

Peih-Gee will be moderating a panel of top creators in the Escape Room Industry:

Escape rooms are the classic gateway into immersive experiences. They’re accessible, widespread (with permanent locations!), low commitment experience with onboarding that generally helps players understand how to approach an immersive experience.

Peih-Gee will lead a conversation that explores creativity, technology, and the role escape rooms play in the larger immersive experience industry.

Attending The Next Stage

When you attend The Next Stage, you’ll experience 3 days of talks, workshops, affinity dinners and salons that dive deep into the production, development, and marketing of immersive and experiential work.

Dates: June 2-4, 2023

Location: The historic Herald Examiner building in Downtown Los Angeles

This event is a great opportunity to connect with others in the immersive entertainment industry.

Come Say Hi

Both Peih-Gee and I will be attending The Next Stage on June 3-4. If you’re attending, please find them and introduce yourself!

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