8 More Tickets Now Available to our Sold Out Operation Nutcracker

Tickets to Operation Nutcracker sold out in only 2 weeks!

We worked with Club Drosselmeyer to expand capacity. There are currently 8 more tickets available.

If you’ve been considering joining Operation Nutcracker, Room Escape Artist’s winter trip to Club Drosselmeyer in Cambridge, MA, now is your chance!

Image of the 1939 Club Drosselmeyer party with the REA logo overlayed. Text reads, "Operation Nutcracker. December 10th. A premium experience hosted by Room Escape Artist."

Key Information

Operation Nutcracker is a one-day event that brings the escape room community together to experience the spectacle that is music, performers, dancing, puzzles, mystery, costumes, drinking, and storytelling.

We believe that we have dreamt up the best way to take in Club Drosselmeyer. Whether you’ve been to Club Drosselmeyer before, or this will be your first time, we hope you’ll join Operation Nutcracker, for a one-of-a-kind experience with the Room Escape Artist community.

This is a 1 day event that includes an evening performance of Club Drosselmeyer and extended programming from Room Escape Artist.

  • Date: Sunday, December 10, 2023
  • Location: Porter Square, Cambridge, MA
  • Price: $119 per ticket

By purchasing your Club Drosselmeyer ticket through Room Escape Artist, you’ll get to experience the magical night with members of the REA team and extended REA community. optimal Club Drosselmeyer experience.

Read more in the original ticket announcement.

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