The Nest is Back

The Nest is a beautiful and intimate narrative experience created by Scout Expedition Co. After visiting during its 2017 run, David Spira wrote, “Lisa and I emerged from The Nest and couldn’t bring ourselves to speak about what we heard, saw, and felt for hours. We were so impressed with how the puzzles served as gates for telling a story that we started to think differently about what escape rooms could be.” 

A 2019 update of the show moved it to the 5th floor of Hatch Escapes’ building in Los Angeles where it ran for years before closing in 2022. Now The Nest has reopened in that location under Hatch management and is currently taking bookings.

A View-Master, a globe, and other curios sit on a desk under a lamp.

Is The Nest An Escape Room?

The Nest is not exactly an escape room. It is an immersive theater art piece that includes puzzles, incredible sets and an emotional narrative that will leave you thinking for days. 

The fact that in 2022 it earned a Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiast Choice Award speaks to the power of this label-defying experience. 

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In Reality Escape Pod season 3, episode 10, David and Peih-Gee chat with Jeff Leinenveber and Jarrett Lantz, creators of The Nest, about their memorable immersive experience and why it is a masterclass in environmental storytelling

Tips From Room Escape Artist

  • The Nest is incredible, but it’s not for everyone. The content is mature, not in a violent or sexual way, but because it’s emotionally heavy.
  • The Nest is fundamentally an immersive experience with no ticking clock. Take your time and let yourself get swept up in the story.
  • Hatch is allowing up to 4 customers per timeslot, but we recommend visiting The Nest alone or with one other person. If you choose not to go solo, go with people you trust to feel all the feelings with, and to share the flashlight.
  • Keep your eye on Scout Expedition Co for upcoming projects.

Reserve your spot in The Nest, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

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