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Escape games are the gift that keeps on giving to Lisa and me.

We’ve made tons of new friends, and playing these games have allowed us to build stronger bonds with many of our existing friends… Plus they are a great fallback conversation topic when smalltalk runs dry at social gatherings.

One of the standout experiences that we never saw coming was when journalist Stuart Miller asked if he could interview us for his piece about room escapes in Newsweek. If I’m being honest, we were actually scared, and almost said no. Both Lisa and I have had some less than wonderful experiences with journalists in the past; we were nervous that the piece would make people who play escape games look like fringe weirdos… And that’s the last thing that we wanted.

Room Escape Artist Newsweek

After one conversation with Stuart we realized that we were dealing with an honest, genuine person. So when he asked if he could watch our team play a game, we accepted.

The story is all beautifully captured on Newsweek (even if our photo didn’t make it in).

My friend and frequent room escape accomplice Jason Cascio had the best quote of the piece:

As they stand on the sidewalk saying goodbye, Cascio looks at the restaurant’s awning, studying the street address. “When you play these games, you see numbers and patterns everywhere,” he says. “You start thinking everything is a clue.”

We started writing about escape games to share our love of them. We weren’t sure if there would be an audience for it. Turns out, there is!

The joy that writing this blog has brought us is such a happy accident.

Thanks for reading.

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