Escape Room Top 10 Cliches & Top 10 Safety Tips

March’s TransWorld: Escape Room City overlapped with our honeymoon. As much as we wanted to go to the conference in St. Louis, Missouri… Australia won.

However Lisa and I were in attendance in spirit and on paper.

Top 10 Cliches & Top 10 Safety Tips

We wrote a two-page flier that was distributed to all attendees at TransWorld: Escape Room City. We’re now making that flier available to all:

See PDF for accessible version.

See PDF for accessible version.

Room Escape Artist Cliches & Safety Tips (PDF)

TransWorld: Chicago’s Escape Room Conference

We won’t be missing the next escape room conference, happening this August in Chicago.

Lisa and I will deliver one of the only sessions that is free for all attendees:

“The Player Experience: Make Your Game the Right Kind of Memorable”

The talk is booked for Saturday, August 13, from 8:00 am-9:00 am… be sure to caffeinate.

We’re going to cover a wide range of subjects and pull on our experiences as escape room reviewers as well as our professional expertise to help escape room creators deliver excellent, player-friendly experiences.

If you’re planning on attending TransWorld: Chicago’s Escape Room Conference, be sure to book your tickets, and reach out to us. We’d love to meet you.

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