Room Escape Artist talks about hype on the REDivas Podcast!

REDivas (Room Escape Divas), hosted by Torontonian enthusiasts Mike, Ruby, Manda, and Errol, is a weekly escape room podcast.

Enthusiasts love to talk about escape rooms… and the more we talk about specific ones, the more we build up these games for each other. In this podcast episode, we chatted with the Divas about hyped games.

Room Escape Divas Logo, a cartoon representation of the four hosts.

Escape room hype

Our conversation covers both specific companies and general concepts.

Thank you

We thank the Divas for the opportunity to continue to converse on their podcast. It’s always a blast.

We also thank my aunt, Naomi Lewin, for her superb editing skills that make us sound so much better than we do in real life.

Give it a listen!

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