Room Escape Divas – 106 – REA & A RECON 2020 Announcement

‘Tis the season for our annual Room Escape Divas appearance.

Room Escape Divas Logo, a cartoon representation of the four hosts.

Room Escape Divas Episode 106 – Room Escape Artist and the Escape Room Industry

Announcing Nick Moran at RECON

If you listen to the episode, or scan the timestamps below, you’ll learn that Nick Moran will be speaking at RECON.

RECON eye & penrose triangle logo.

The brilliant, funny, and talented Nick Moran (please, nobody tell him we said that) was Creative Director of Time Run and Game Director of Sherlock: The Game Is Now, in collaboration with Hartswood Films. Don’t miss out on hearing him speak!


As always, we covered a lot of ground. A few highlights include:

  • 00:00 – An escape room parody rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas performed by the big guy himself, Benito Suppa of Durham Escape Rooms.
  • 06:20 – Our new convention, the Reality Escape Convention (RECON) – including the announcement of Nick Moran as a speaker.
  • 19: 50 – My work on the Create the Escape TV pilot.
  • 24:33 – Behind the scenes of our CBS Sunday Morning TV appearance!
  • 27:22 – Speaking to the media about escape rooms.
  • 33:24 – Looking forward at the escape room industry
  • 37:19 – How we choose to give immediate feedback?
  • 53:34 – What’s your escape room kryptonite? (Building horror teams)
  • 55:16 – The rebrand of the Golden Lock Award
  • 58:23 – Our various escape room injuries
  • 1:00:36 – REA 5 Years Later
  • 1:02:00 – Our 2020 Montreal Tour
  • 1:04:26 – Escape Enthusiast Meetups (our next NYC meetup)
  • 1:05:30 – Starting REA
  • 1:09:30 – David is really good at breaking Manda during her signoff

It’s kind of amazing to me how far we and the Divas have come over the past half decade. They are truly putting out their best content these days. It’s delightful to listen to (and occasionally participate in.)

Finally, my favorite quote of the episode is Errol saying, “Oh… coming to me is not a safe place.”

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