RECON Conversations: Friends, Podcasts & Our First Vlog Appearance

The escape room and immersive entertainment community has been incredibly supportive of RECON. We thank our friends from blogs and podcasts all over the world for sharing RECON with their audiences. If you don’t follow these creators, we highly recommend checking out their work!

You can meet them digitally at RECON too!

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Check Out These Creators

In the order in which these episodes were released:

Immersion Nation

Nathaniel Sky gave us one of the most amazing intros we’ve ever had on this episode of Immersion Nation, where he interviewed us about starting Room Escape Artist, putting on RECON, and many things in between. We share lots of details in this piece. This was the first time we’d chatted with Nathaniel and we certainly hope to speak with him more in the future.

If you don’t know Immersion Nation, we highly recommend Nathaniel’s interviews with a variety of immersive experience creators (including some well-known escape room creators.)

Escape Rumors

Randy Hum invited us to take part in his (and our!) first vlog. Randy surprised us with special guests and games! We chatted about RECON, but the best part was the hilarity of playing Randy’s super fun games.

We’re thrilled Randy is speaking at RECON as part of the Blogger Bonanza on Sunday at 15:00 (New York time).

Room Escape Divas

Here’s an unexpected twist: It’s not us chatting with the Room Escape Divas about RECON. Instead, it’s the RECON’s Sponsor & Exhibitor Coordinator Theresa Piazza! She shares her perspective on putting this event together and gives a lot of insight into what producing this event entails.

You can catch the Room Escape Divas at RECON on Monday at 14:45 (New York time). Manda Whitney will present Characters in Escape Rooms. And there might just be a guest appearance by someone else whom Room Escape Divas fans know well.

Escape This Podcast

Dani let us turn the tables and direct the flow of action for this bonus episode of Escape This Podcast. No, we didn’t write an escape room for Dani and Bill to play… but if that sounds cool, check out their current season of entirely guest gamemasters!

On this bonus episode, we interview the Escape This Podcast team about their show, their creative process, and their guests! We get answers to questions we’ve wondered since playing their Season 2 finale. We let Dani and Bill ask us a few questions about RECON too.

Infinite Escape Room Podcast

RECON’s Q&A Host Peih-Gee Law introduced us to Ben and Mike from the Infinite Escape Room Podcast and we’re thrilled she did. In Escape the Cabin we puzzled and laughed our way to an escape. And we gave Ben and Mike an update about RECON too. If you enjoy audio escape rooms, check them out.

No Proscenium

We always enjoy chatting with Noah Nelson from No Proscenium about immersive entertainment of all kinds. Our conversation with Noah about RECON just published today! Early in the conversation we talk about building community – something we all feel is an especially important part of events – and why we selected Discord as our digital venue… and with only 2 days to go until RECON, the RECON Discord is getting to be a pretty busy place.

RECON starts on Sunday

RECON ’20 is this Sunday and Monday.

We encourage you to register today and sign into the RECON Discord Server before RECON starts.

RECON is about sharing knowledge and building community. We’re thrilled to be part of an amazing group of creative bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters in the escape room and immersive entertainment space. Thank you for sharing RECON with your audiences. We’ll see you soon!

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