Introducing REA Swag – Where the Real Money From the Blog is Made

Many have asked… and so we’re finally bringing you proper Room Escape Artist swag.

Come! Walk this way, take a look. We put the website’s name on everything!

Merchandising! Merchandising! where the real money from the blog is made.

REA-the T-shirt

Lisa in a white REA t-shirt.

Until today, there were only 4 REA t-shirts in existence. Now anyone can have one! All of our t-shirts are made with premium materials – because – comfort.

  • Unisex/ Men’s cut t-shirts are in sizes ranging from S to 3XL and are available at $24
  • Men’s cuts are available in black & smoke
  • Women’s cut t-shirts are in sizes ranging from S to 2XL and are available at $24
  • Women’s cuts are available in black & white

REA-the Hoodie

Lisa in the REA hoodie in Autumn

For years we’ve wanted to have REA hoodies… and now we do, and they are super cuddly.

David in the REA hoodie in Autumn

The material feels fantastically soft. It is not a baggy or loose hoodie, so select your size appropriately.

  • Unisex/ Men’s and Women’s cut hoodies are both available at $51
  • Sizes range from XS to 2XL

REA-the Coffee Mug

Lisa looking lovingly into a REA coffee mug while wearing a REA hoodie on an autumn day.

Our coffee mugs come in two sizes. Your choice depends upon your commitment to caffeine:

  • 11oz – $14
  • 15oz – $15

REA-the Sticker

REA sticker on a laptop.

Stickers are available in the multiple sizes, and come printed with either a solid white or clear border:

  • 2 inch – $5
  • 3 inch – $6
  • 4 inch – $8
  • 5 inch – $9

REA-the Notebook

Lisa in a REA shirt taking notes in a REA notebook.

If you’ve ever played an escape room with us, you know that Lisa takes lots of notes in a notebook. We have volumes of notes in our escape room notebooks… and now we have spiral-bound REA notebooks for all to enjoy.

REA-the Magnet

REA magnet holding up a postcard from Meow Wolf

Magnets are available in the multiple sizes:

  • 3 inch – $8
  • 4 inch – $10
  • 6 inch – $12

REA-the Flamethrower!

Yogurt from Spaceballs firing a flamethrower with the REA logo.
The kids love this one.

Support & Fulfillment

Everything is printed on-demand and fulfilled by Threadless.

If there’s something you’d like to buy that you don’t see, feel free to ask and we’ll see what we can do.

We are planning to expand REA merch in different ways over time. Our blessing and curse has always been more ideas than time… and we like to take the time to do things right.

Finally, all of the profits will go towards helping us run and improve the website. As with the merch, we have bigger and better website plans for the future.

Thank you for supporting us. Whether you’re reading our content, backing us on Patreon, or buying our swag, we truly appreciate you.


    1. Any flamethrower with a REA sticker is a REA flamethrower 😂

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