RECON Boston 22: Should I Attend?

RECON is an intimate event. With a limited number of tickets, it’s designed to bring leaders in this industry together, foster conversations and build relationships. RECON offers many opportunities to connect with others and grow your professional network. If you’re thinking about the future of escape rooms, you’ll want to be a part of this.

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The ticket price is all-inclusive – all the talks, discussions, a workshop, plus so much gameplay. We’re even taking 2 evening excursions by bus to explore more styles of play.


RECON Boston presents a curated selection of talks from industry leaders to explore different facets of the player journey.

Topics include:

  • Interactive characters
  • Increasing immersion using the magic circle
  • Collaborating with your local officials
  • Technology for engagement
  • The future of immersive games

All of this will be framed by David & Lisa’s opening talk, The Journey. They’ll dive deep into the player journey and explore how to create the repeat players who will guarantee the longevity of your business and craft.

The RECON talks go beyond the basics. These live talks are designed so that both novices and experts will take away learnings. You’ll interact in real time with expert speakers and other attendees.


Meet industry leading speakers Haley & Cameron Cooper (Strange Bird Immersive), Caro Murphy (Immersive Experience Director, Disney), Mayor Gary Christenson & Kevin Duffy (The City of Malden, Massachusetts), Victor Hung (Boxaroo & Level99), Matt Duplessie (5 Wits & Level99), and David & Lisa Spira (Room Escape Artist).

This lineup includes TERPECA awardees, Golden Lock winners, government officials, and the most prolific writers in the industry. These speakers include some of the first entrants into the field – bringing together escape rooms with elements of other immersive design – and they’ve continued to iterate on their ideas.


You’ll have the option to attend one of two workshops. On the creator side, you’ll be flexing your game design muscles while considering budget, space, and audience with Marie Huber (Red Fox Escapes). On the business side, explore how you can improve your brand and website with Stuart Bogaty (Trap’t). These two incredible New England escape room owners have drawn on their past careers in developing their escape room businesses, and they are excited to share that expertise with you.


Your all-inclusive RECON ticket gets you at least 8 hours of games – showcasing a variety of types of play that will inspire and delight you.


RECON is partnering with top Boston escape rooms (Boxaroo, Red Fox, and Trapology) to get you out into the community, into the games, and even behind the scenes. Plus, your ticket gets you discount codes for games throughout New England. Extend your stay – or make stops en route to Boston – to give yourself a tour of New England’s best escape rooms.


At RECON, we create space for small-group, facilitated discussions on pertinent topics in game design, business, and more. You’ll find a peer group with whom you can test an idea, ask a question, or offer your expertise.


RECON sponsors offer products that will enhance your experience as a player or as a business owner. While there is no exhibit hall, you’ll have a chance to converse with these folks and learn about their products and services, and why they are investing in the future of escape rooms.

If you have a product or business you’d like to showcase at RECON, please contact us.


Yes, of course. We’re here for in person immersive games, afterall.

Early Bird – It’s a Deal

Your ticket to RECON gives you two full days (from morning to night!) to immerse yourself in escape rooms with talks, discussions, and of course, gameplay. Small-scale professional events are expensive, but this one packs value into every minute, for every attendee.

Plus there’s an early bird discount still available right now that gives you $100 off! This deal ends Tuesday, May 10.

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