Best of REA: November 2022

At Room Escape Artist, we write about escape rooms 365 days a year. It’s a lot of content… so we’ve decided to help you out with monthly column that highlights the strongest and most interesting content that we put out each month.

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Holiday Gift Guide

For your convenience, here is a unique selection of gifts for the escape room players and other nerds in your life (or for you, we donโ€™t judge). Happy Holidays!


Escape Rooms

Culinary Escape Rooms in Israel – The culinary escape rooms at Panica in Tel Aviv combine classic escape room mechanics with in-room dining experiences. (Review by Matthew Stein)

Rocky Point Park, Riddle Room (Warwick, RI) – Rocky Point Park felt like a declaration that Riddle Room wants to build grand, imaginative, and outlandish adventures. (Review by Lisa Spira)

The Crypt, Escape Hour (Austin, TX) – This was an adventure game. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s intense. This escape room was about action. (Review by Sarah Mendez)


Adrift, PostCurious (tabletop escape game) – Adrift was a beautiful tabletop escape game with approachable, fun puzzles. PostCurious created wonderful artwork and artifacts for it. (Review by Lisa Spira)

Oculus Quest 2 Game Recommendations – The Oculus Quest 2 makes a great holiday gift. Here’s our selection of escape rooms and puzzle games to try out. (Curation by James Cobalt)

The Hunt for The Golden Book, EXIT: Advent Calendar (puzzle Advent calendar) – Discovering which door to open next through a puzzle made this a perfect puzzler’s advent calendar. (Review by Cindi S.)


Expansion & Hospitality: Mark Flint, CEO of The Escape Game, USA – Many US escape room players have visited The Escape Game at their flagship Nashville location or in any number of other US cities. Learn more about their ethos in this in depth interview.


This December you can find us a PAX Unplugged (Philadelphia) and Club Drosselmeyer (Boston). Come say hi!

Also, we’d like to remind you that today is the last day to vote in TERPECA. If you’ve played more than 100 escape rooms, please support this project by casting your votes today, November 30, by 11:59 PM Pacific.

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